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Discover the first data-driven AI solution for optimizing clinical trial protocols. Risklick-AI empowers clinical trial experts to conduct cheaper, faster, safer trials, paving the way to medical innovation.

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Risklick AI

risklick AI

Quality by design

Risklick’s risk-based approach saves companies from making preventable errors and ensures that trials are designed to answer their research question. We trained our AI models on global historical data, including global protocol synopses, related publications, and regulatory documents. Risklick-AI empowers professionals to optimize trial protocols early, so they can reduce the trial’s costs while raising its chance of success.

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1. MedDev Intelligence

Risklick offers data-driven analyses that support decision-makers in early stages of clinical development. Our MedDev Intelligence assesses the trial’s probability of success (POS) and highlights risks associated with the clinical development plan.

Protocol optimization

2. Trial protocol risk analysis

Our trial protocol risk analyzer uses explainable AI to empower clinical trial experts to design and optimize clinical trial protocols quickly and efficiently. Risklick detects risk early and then mitigate it while you design and plan your study.

Protocol optimization

3. Design studio

Risklick’s Design Studio is a tailor-made workshop that brings together your team, experts in the field, and AI-based technologies to design and optimize your clinical trial protocols

Protocol optimization

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